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Should you be chosen to participate, you will join and help foster a supportive community in which mentors, mentees, and staff lift each other, and rise together. 


You are an eligible mentee applicant if all of the below apply to you:

- A rising sophomore, junior or senior in high school

- A student from an underrepresented or underprivileged background, including and not limited to first-generation, low-income, ethnic minority, LGBTQ and students with physical or learning (dis)abilities*

- Planning or currently applying to colleges and programs outside of the traditional Gaokao system (targeting but not exclusive to schools in the United States)

- A student from or currently residing in the Greater China region

* We prioritize applicants that are current scholarship or financial-aid recipients.


You are an eligible mentor applicant if you all of the below apply to you:

- A currently enrolled college student or college graduate

- You have experience applying to schools that are not under the Chinese Gaokao system

- You can commit at least 3-4 hours (on average one hour per week) of communication with your mentee per month

Please Note:

1) If you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements but believe you would be a good fit for our program, please go to 'Contact Us' and leave us a message. We will get back to you promptly.  

2) Our target mentees are student from and/or in the Greater China region. That being said, we welcome you to apply regardless of your nationality, but we expect all mentors to have a good understanding of the Chinese culture in order to conduct smooth communication with our mentees. Chinese language skills are preferred but not required.  

To Future Mentees

You will be assisted with opportunities and resources
that can help you set new limits—and go beyond them.

To Future Mentors

When you nudge others, there’s also the reactive force—
you will be able to see beyond what you were looking for.