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How It Works

We give mentees the opportunity to
voice their needs.

Nudge tailors to mentees’ individual needs, providing guidance such as
writing college applications, and finding networking & internship resources.

Tell us what you want, and we will give what we can.

We let mentees make choices
for themselves.

For each selected mentee, we will suggest 2-3 mentors who we believe would be a good fit—our deciding criteria include matching levels of time availability, similar areas of studies, or other specific preferences and requests given by individual mentees.

Mentees own the ultimate decision to choose their own mentors. 

The journey doesn't end
when the mentorship period ends.

After successfully completing the program, mentors and mentees would receive a Certificate of Completion, and join a supportive NMP alumni family that will continue to share resources & opportunities, and foster each other’s growth.

This is not just a part-time mentorship. This is an ongoing partnership.

There is no charge to apply, 

and there will be no fee for this program. 

Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee?

Want to join the board
as a donor or officer?

Please leave us a message and
we will be in touch with you shortly.